Mistakes That Owners Need To Be Aware of While Launching Their App

First of all, I welcome you all to this blog; I love to know that you read my previous articles and gave such an unimaginable response.

Thank you so much for that, but as I always promise, I always have something great for all. Right now, we are in the era of modern yuga—here, we all use the internet and all the latest tech. Many of you are working on online platforms, and some of you are trying to make them permanent keys to your life.

Now, today, all we discuss is mistakes. From my deep side, honestly, I’m gonna tell you that I love mistakes. “Don’t laugh,” but only when I have something new to learn from them.

So, guys, tighten your seatbelts to ride another roller coaster of learning. Yes, today, we discuss mistakes that you shouldn’t make when starting your own business online.

All the tips and tricks are tested personally. I’m not here to fool you; just read the story. If you believe in it, then apply it immediately.

There are mistakes business owners make, and you have to avoid them | listed below

  • Just don’t run after the Business Plan.
  • Don’t divert your mind by focusing on little stuff.
  • Not having any money plan (focus is not on budget plan).
  • Making your product values inappropriate.
  • Making a budget plan that doesn’t work.
  • Without Knowing the progress, you placed ads
  • You are making your own device comfortable; what about others?
  • Targeting the wrong one, don’t know the market to target.

In every business, even daily, we need a plan to achieve our goals. Many business owners don’t want to make or follow plans, but I want to tell you that behind every successful business, there is a plan.

So, it’s better to take off your hats for a while and ensure you have a business plan. Plans include planning about how to start, where to start, budget, what to use as assets, etc. A successful plan, if followed by all business members in a good manner, then there’s no chance that anyone will beat you.

Just don’t run after the Business Plan

Yes, as I said above, there is a need for a business plan in every business, but that doesn’t mean you have to follow it. There are more things to do to make your business grow or profitable.

Sometimes you don’t have to just run after the plan, all you need to know about your customers like who your customers are, what are you selling them and the customers who are like to pay you for your products and services.

Always review your customer’s feedback so there is a chance to improve your business vulnerabilities and get a chance to make your business stable.

Learn everything you need; don’t make plans to make customers satisfied because, in every business, customer satisfaction is the top priority.

Don’t divert your mind by focusing on little kinds of stuff.

There are many of us when doing our job; diets concentrate on the wrong side, which leads to a waste of valuable time. For example, “Funny one”: suppose you are a student who has to attempt an exam in the next 24 hours; instead of doing revision, you are wasting your time checking when the next exam will be held.

If you own a business, then instead of wasting your valuable time, do whatever it needs to grow it to the next level.

Many business owners don’t know that when they are wasting their time managing their logo design, platform UI, and other little stuff like that, other businesses will work hard to double their profits and grow their business to the next level.

So focus on what needs to be focused on, like how your customers reach you, what they buy from your platform, how they think about the services you provide them, and whether any customers have feedback, etc. If you focus on these types of issues and try to solve them as soon as possible, then you could have a chance to grow and increment your business.

Not having any money plan (focus is not on budget plan).

Many new businesses have made this mistake once, and that is they don’t have a budget plan. Without a budget plan, you don’t know what to do when you lose money.

When you spend money by mistake, things get worse when this happens again. It’s very important to have a budget plan that helps you understand how much you need to reach your goal and how much you have as extra expenditure.

Sometimes, a situation may lead to an increase in money. Time if you already have a money plan, then it could be helpful to you.

There are so many benefits to having a budget plan for your business. Several benefits that I wanna tell you are given below:

If you don’t have a business budget plan, analyzing your business’s financial stage could be impossible. In some situations, maybe you don’t know that the goals that you want to achieve are under you or they have been exceeded.

It’s sometimes really helpful in decision-making—if you know all about your budget and how much you pay for an item, then it could be easy to make a decision with all the required details.

Making your product values inappropriate.

Many business owners or the members of any organization sometimes make this silly mistake, they produce a quality product with several test. They decide the price for their product, and after sales, it has been found that sometimes a quality product is less sold as compared to a low-quality product. This is the issue many company are faces till now but wait! what are the cause of this issue, is product not worth?

Sometimes, your product price is higher than what it needs to be. Consider you as a toy-making company owner, and you make new and latest toys for kids. You get ideas from the latest trends to make the latest toys for kids.

You use the finest materials in your making process and fine-quality packaging for the toys. And here comes the trick—you and your team (Business members/colleagues) decide to set the toy’s price based on what type of toy you built and how much your previous toys sold out.

Wait! What are you doing – you just decided the price of a product based on previous reports and how much profit the previous product gained. No, this is wrong you should decide the product price after analyzing how much you paid for the materials, labors, and other asset you use.

After analyzing all the suff like that, you have to decide what to choose as the best product price.

As a result, the chances of getting sold a product may be high, and your company will receive high customer satisfaction.

Making a budget plan that doesn’t work

Developing an app without a budget plan really doesn’t work at all. It doesn’t matter how much effort it takes to develop your app; it’s better to always have a budget plan from the start of production. You can use any mobile application or website to calculate an accurate budget for your app.

Always remember that having a budget plan only for the developing stage doesn’t work well. You should have a budget plan for all stages so you always have numbers in mind when you take new steps in the development of the app.

I saw many successful developers first make a budget plan for the app they want to develop, and they do this from the beginning of production.

The budget plan may depend on something you read about when you are developing your app or heard from someone.

If you are looking for an investor to invest in your app, at this stage, a budget plan will always help you. If any investor checks your budget plan, it would be easy for them to understand that their money is invested in which part of production and how much it is worth.

Without Knowing the progress, you placed ads

Many app providers or app developers make this mistake, which leads to a decrease in visitors. Placing ads on your website or in app is the way you can earn money, the advertisements can be of anything totally depends on you that what you choose.

But at the beginning of the app, you don’t have to put ads on your app. Why? Because it is simple – if you start an app let’s consider that you have a total of 5000 users per month, which is not an actual number. Sometimes, it may be less or more.

So now you have 5K monthly users and you are showing advertisements initially. From my personal experience, if I’m trying to use a new app, an advertisement will pop a thought in my mind that maybe this app is not worth the job that I’m looking for.

But when I use this app without having any ads in it, then there’s a chance that I see all the features of the app because irritating ads are not available.

You are making your own device comfortable; what about others?

Now, if you are ready to launch your app and make a registration form or a landing page where anyone can see your app’s features and register for your app, then keep in mind that you make a landing page fully responsive. There are several screen size in the market that use different ratio for scaling.

You should make your app landing page fully responsive so that it doesn’t matter how big or small the screen is; everyone can see the same pages.

Also, you can set the landing page to function differently at different sizes, with different functions on phone screens and on tablet or Desktop screens.

Targeting the wrong one, don’t know the market to target.

The major problem after launching the app is that many of you don’t know which market you have to target for your app. If you have an idea about your visitors, like which device they use most and which feature they want to add to the app, then it could be easy to target an appropriate audience.

For example, if you are mostly customers or the customers’ requirements are from the Android platform, it should be great to choose Android as the platform for your app.

If you know all about your ideal customers, it could be easy to make them permanent customers of your app. You can analyze the specific keywords that your customers use to find your app. Finding appropriate keywords for your app will also help you rank on search engines or in app stores.

There are many users or customers who search on the web or in the stores by using features of the app instead of the app name. I can explain it with a simple example – you want to use an app for editing pdf, and you have to search pfd editing software in the search box and it will provide you a
list all the apps related to your keywords.

Well, there is another way to target your customers, and one of them is to find a blog or a website that actually has good traffic, and the niche of that blog and website is similar to your app. You can ask the owner to make an article for your app and publish it, which gives you many customers. If they are interested in your app, they can share your app with friends so that they can use it.

You can use an ad network to advertise our app using special keywords related to your app identity. If someone searches using the keyword that you use, then there is a chance that customers will go to your app.

All the above tips and tricks are fully tested by me, and they really helped me gain around 20K customers in just 2 months after launching my app. Also, they work for my website. So please ask me if you have any questions, and then comment, please.

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