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If someone asks me about one intellectual game, then I might think about “Chess.” Oh, yes! It has been proven in every field of study that chess is an excellent exercise for the overall brain.

Remember, here we are not talking about gaining muscles; only mental health can benefit greatly from playing chess.

We saw that there are competitions and many more things like that. Chess is a game played worldwide by people of all ages. That’s why we say anyone can do anything they want to.

Let’s start the tour

Want better and stronger memory skills? Someone who plays chess a day will keep memory problems away. In chess, players have to know every single probability of their opponents’ movements. It takes hard practice to learn and play chess well, but it’s not impossible to learn.

Someone who plays chess will also be good at remembering patterns, verbal instruction, etc. These skills are more than a visual superhero.

Daily practice makes anyone perfect – even i’m perfect in washing cars “just joking i don’t have a car” 😅. With daily practicing Chess, one can earn highly remembering memory skills and also problem-solving skills.

Great Ways To Build Creative & Planning Skills

Many studies prove that kids or anyone who plays chess can think more creatively than the nominal one. Ahhhh! I remember that research was conducted at Indian High School to test how accurate it is to help kids think more creatively.

There were two groups in that research. One of them had some chess players, and the other didn’t have any chess players. Now, the game begins. Both groups of participants were asked to think of alternative uses for common items and also to crack some typical situations with abstract forms, interpret patterns, etc.

Finally, the results were the same as those from past years’ research: Chess is actually helping children develop the ability to think more creatively.

Major Health Benefits of Playing Chess

  • It helps in increasing Brain Growth.
  • It is an Exercise for the Brain.
  • It helps to increase in IQ levels.
  • Make you a Creative thinker.
  • Both Sides of your Brain will Vroom Vroom 🚗 .
  • Helps to prevent Alzheimer’s.

Brain Growth ++

Chess is a game that challenges the brain to perform at its best, which helps in the growth of dendrites. Oohh! You don’t know what Dendrites are —they’re actually the bodies that send out signals from brain cells. Having more dendrites will actually help in making better and faster neural communication with the brain.

Well, some of you may do physical workouts in which you have to do exercises for both the left and right sides of your body. So maybe some of you know that our brain has two working sides: the left side (Brain’s left hemisphere) deals with object recognition, and the right one (Brain’s right hemisphere) deals with pattern recognition.

High IQ levels

Have you ever wondered if smart people play chess or if chess really helps in growing IQ levels? The answer is “You have to try it yourself.”

Many studies have noticed that people who play chess have high IQ levels, but they achieve this by practicing daily, not just once.

It’s the same as doing physical exercise, which makes your body tough and stronger. Chess is also a brain exercise game—when you play it, you use your thoughts more creatively.

Higher Creativity Levels

Playing chess will activate the right side of your brain (the Brain’s right hemisphere), which is responsible for creativity. The chess game contains strategies that can make you a winner or a loser. You have to prepare a better plan of action that might hit your enemy. “Jokeszzz,” but seriously, a great strategy will make your opponent a loser of the game, and you must be the Legend. Ooh!

Suppose you play chess daily and you develop higher creativity skills than before. Then, you can use these creativity skills everywhere you need them, like when reading books, doing homework (Boring), and all the other stuff you would like to do.

Full Brain Working Progress

If you don’t know, let me tell you that our Brain is actually divided into two parts; each part of our head will control certain functions of our head or body. If you can see a human mind’s inner view (Bio-Lab), then you might notice that there is no difference in looking at both parts of our heads.

Having both parts the same doesn’t mean that they perform or do functions the same; all the different parts of our body will connected with the help of nerves (nerve fibers).

The Left Brain and the Right Brain both perform different functions, which are as mentioned below:

Left Brain’s Functioning
  • helps in thinking logically.
  • It helps in thinking by Sequencing.
  • It is also connected to Linear Thinking.
  • Helps in Mathematics.
  • Helps in Facts/reasoning.
Right Brain’s Functioning
  • Connected to Imagination.
  • It is connected to Holistic Thinking.
  • It is connected to Intuition.
  • Helps in Arts.
  • Connected to Rhythm.
  • It is responsible for Daydreaming.

Last’ not Least

OK, so you have read it all, yh, I know. Thankyou | Seriously it helps me alot because i remember when i was a child and mind is full of daydreaming, lovely feelings and you the stuff. I was in 8th Grade when i go to park and there’s a bunch of children’s who trying to bully my friend “Rishab” and i’m Krishna (Hii Guzz !) ok let it be.

So when they tried to bully me, I wanted to do something, but don’t know what because I’m always stuck in daydreaming instead of feeling the real world. Well they bully him and couldn’t do anything just i saw them.

After a few weeks, I went to my cousin’s party and saw they were playing chess (Damn! Who the hell plays chess at the party); yes, they were playing chess, and the loser had to do what the winner wanted (for me the chance of bully with my own permission).

Well it’s complicated to tell that how actually i’m started to play chess but seriously it’s not easy to play chess when you have a hard job than that “Daydreaming“.

I practiced hard to impress my friends that I’m a genius now! I actually won seven times that day (at the next party, and hell, yes, it’s again chess), and I lost 25 times (don’t laugh).

The key point is that after playing chess i noticed some elements changing (after 6 months) in me like i have got 60/100 in maths, and whenever i play chess – i actually increasing my problem solving skills and booh! I got 98/100 in high school (only in maths).

So after reading it all, you don’t have to go for chess, but you should start chess to prove me wrong, I bet you can’t do that.

Thank you for reading it. I noticed many of you gave me surprising responses. Thank you so much, Guys. Stay Sfae | Connected and try to help everyone.

If someone has an idea about my next blog, then don’t hesitate. Just hit the comment (Credit will be all yours).

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