Third wave of Covid-19 in UK – Coronavirus disease 2021, says vaccine expert

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Hi guys! Most welcome in my another blog and today we are gonna talk about some very important. The news about Covid-19 situations, as far as we know that UK is top on the race of corona positive resulst. There are many questions in our mind and many doubt. Let’s just find answer of them all.


United kingdom find new cases of covid-19 11,007 in 24 hours in four months for tht first time , on friday. On february, fresh surge has catched above 10,000.

Expert said-The Third wave of corona virus, is more than danger of first on second wave and this third wave shows bad affect on childrens or teenagers.United kingdom is undergoing this infections catched by delta variants.

UK will face a tough competition between the infection and the vaccines. The first impact showed on american of their third wave. Professor Adam finn, said on saturday in joint commiittei on Immunisation.

Professor finn said, if we pointout all the weakness then we can definately stop than but wen have to cautioned which precaution is applied on first or second wave the same precaution follow on this dangerous wave.

When is the third wave of Covid expected?

The second wave of coronavirus is gone but not completely , till now one or two cases find in some states and in the meanwhile the third will be come. According to IIT, Kanpur study can be expected of third wave in september to octover this year.

Vaccination is important for everyone and UK population have to be vaccinated against this deadly virus. Vaccination is prevention of this virus and this control to the death rate. If death rate is increases day by day then there will be shows so much bad condition.

Vaccination process is finally increases and specially older people get vaccinated second does of vaccine is compulsory for everyone and it will seems a good effort of those people who want to survive of this dangerous virus.

The prime minister of British Boris Johnson said he was felt so much confidence to lift the restriction of covid-19 set on . July 19 based on recent date but it was delay to open this plan

Government is responsible for this delayed planned for lifting and economic restriction until 19 july amid the cases is rise by delta variant.

According the latest update, adults have received then first dose of vaccination while other more than half get second dose of their viruses. This vaccination plays an vital role and fight against corona.

However Professor finn said he is not assured for vaccination strategy but may be it will work for the UK and fight will this outbreak of the third wave.

Are the elderly more vulnerable to the coronavirus disease?

The impact of covid-19 is on global population in a bad way. Most of the countries, a lot of threats and challanges faced people by this virus.

Although everyone is affected from this viruses there is not matter at age, and old people faced alot of health risk of developing severe illness and this virus is spreading by shaking hands, and water droplets from nose to mouth. This viruses is stable all living and no-living things it’s better if all people great with anyone says hello and follow the rule of one-hand distance.

Some people don’t full comfortable in this outbreak but take a lot of stress on anxiety becoming the cause of health issues.We all have to be always optimize because the cases overlanted very quickly.

Sooner on later , everyone will be vacccinated of the second dose because this virus firstly , attacked on old age people specially who is faced any helath issues, like diabities or any audential wounds , we have to manage all this critical things and save older people’s life and we can not avoid huge amount of death precautions can changed everything.

Latest ONS Report shows 540 people is affected world this effect/viruses because this virus is now circulating all over the country and this increases the problems of people and accouting all infections.

This virus is Rolled out all over the world, including england, south london and they try to track the spreading corona virus.

In Britain recorded around 128000 cases on death.

In this pandemic we have to take some major steps to keep safe, wash hand three times a day, always wear mask and follow all the regulation guideliness given by your goverment. Thankyou so much for reading this article, be safe and happy.

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