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According to many policy experts, there are many types of insurance to choose from. Still, this type of insurance coverage actually uses a device/machine that will send the driving data (100KM, 500KM, 1hr or day) to your insurance company. Companies that use this type of mechanism promise not to use the data to increase your insurance policy rates.

Hello Readers, again, welcome to my blog. Here today, we discuss some insurance. “Insurance” is needed when you have a motor vehicle or it is a concern for your health. Many of you were confused about (UBI) Usage Based Insurance, and that’s why we are here. Let’s get on the seats and start our journey.

Suppose we calculate the cost of your vehicle insurance or policy plan based on your vehicle’s driving behavior. In that case, it is a trending concept nowadays called Usage-Based Insurance (UBI). Many owners (the insurers) can offer you some deals that benefit both payees and insurers, like low prices just for choosing a usage-based type of insurance policy/program.

If you seek insurance with some offers, you can also get additional offers for the limited distance, which may be calculated as mileage.

A device calculates how much you travel and safe driving ways under the Usage-Based Insurance (UBI) policy. Suppose you are really interested in buying that type of policy or insurance.

In that case, you must know that before choosing that type of insurance, you must find out the advantages and disadvantages of the usage-based vehicle policy or insurance, which is often also known as pay-per-mile insurance, pay-as-you-go insurance, or pay-as-you-drive insurance policy.

Suppose you think about choosing this type of policy or insurance. In that case, your policy or insurance company will collect data about your vehicle’s performance using a smartphone app, which may differ for every company, or by using the plug-in device that is adjusted in your vehicle (Car, Bike, etc.).

Is It Beneficial?

As I mentioned above, in this type of insurance (UBI) Usage Insurance, the company providing that insurance will have to agree to install its telematics device in your bike, car, etc.

When the installation is finished, after all the paperwork stuff, and you drive your vehicle, the device that has been installed by the company will be able to send the information to insurance companies so that they can review and report how you are driving your vehicle.

There are so many benefits of Usage-Based Insurance:

  • If you are a safe driver, there’s a discount.
  • With UBI, there is a chance to achieve good Driving Habits.
  • Accidental investigations are simple to solve.

In this insurance policy, usage-based insurance (UBI), the insurance company will find it easier to solve an investigation if you meet in any accidental situation. The company will find who was at fault and what happened. Then, the insurance claims process starts, and they use this data to help you get a claim faster and more easily.

As I mentioned, if a device is installed in the vehicle, you might know that you are being tracked. In fact, many drivers will choose this insurance policy because of the discount and because they want to avoid any penalty. This is actually a great concept because drivers will have to pay less, and people on the road will always be safe.

Usage-based insurance is a type of strategy that actually gives offers or rebates to drivers who always follow the rules, like avoiding sudden braking or acceleration without any reason, and lastly, always obeying speed limits. A payee can earn as much as 30 percent of their annual premiums.

Are there any Drawbacks?

As we read above, there are some tight rules in UBI, like drivers can’t do hard braking and acceleration, etc. But sometimes, applying a certain amount of hard braking and acceleration may be necessary.

As a matter of fact a machine can only behave like a machine, they don’t know when and how they have to pretend. As we know, UBI requires a telemetric technology that will not be able to recognize when a driver is being defensive, or behave like a reckless driver.

For example, You are on your bike and going to work like always, but somehow, a person comes in front of you. Then, it is mandatory for you to apply the hard brake to prevent both you and the person on the road from any damage. But the Telematric technology will see you as a reckless driver; it’s a negative mark for Telematric.

There are so many situations that any person can’t control even if you are a good driver on the road; as a matter of fact, telemetric will always give you a negatively for that.

So what if these reports are sent to that UBI- Company? I’ll explain- after seeing the “High-Risk Driver” signal from the telemetric machine, they will decide to do something like remove your discount, insurance premiums will be raised, and also, they can stop renewing your policy. I guess this is the biggest disadvantage of UBI (Usage Based Insurance).

What about your privacy? Guess what? If you are going somewhere you don’t want to tell anybody, here is the twist: nobody but the UBI company can track your location.

As I mentioned, they installed a telemetric device in your vehicle. Everyone is uncomfortable with this type of rule & regulation, and they don’t want their location history to be recorded by any company, which may also create a risk of cyber attack. So, think about it twice before buying any UBI policy or insurance.


So, thinking about that, would you choose it or not? It probably depends on you, but I can help you a little. You can choose this type of insurance if you are a kind of safe driver or you have to work mostly remotely, like working from home and having a low mileage log or commute.

If you meet atleast these circumtances then maybe usage-based insurance could help you down your insurance rates, also some companies provide offers and discounts for the safe drivers.

Make sure to compare all the plans of UBI instead of being stuck at once. Whenever you are going to buy any insurance, then, it will be really helpful if you gain all the related information.

Like in UBI, as we know, they use Telematric devices to capture the record of your vehicle, so it’s mandatory to know what kind of data they collect. A few types of telemetric devices or apps can be used for the job. You have to read all policy agreements, whether offline or online. Thank you

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